How my book Etchings and Insights was put together

I began working on how to write the title on the cover, and what design, if any to include.

Part of the cover I know is going to be decorated paper that I am doing.

So I create a template of the border.

This paper will come up to the collage of Japanese Papers on the right side.  But I'm in a real quandary about how to apply the title.  First I thought about carving out a lino cut and stamping it....then I used letter fonts and hot glued them to a piece of lino board for the stamping.  That worked really nice but it was too exact for my tastes.

I begin testing lots of ideas and colors, and finally hit upon the solution.

Simply drawing into the fresh paste paint, like finger painting works the best for me.

How more basic can you get than to revert back to childhood and just finger painting.

Sue helps me lay down some different background colors and after they dry I apply fresh paint and draw through it using a marker with the cap on.
I think this is going to work best for my title.  I'm expecting the Japanese papers to arrive this week and then I will begin to make some covers and I will know if this is going to work.

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