Young's Studio & Gallery Tour

As you enter through the French double doors an island display with Sue's blue pottery is there to greet you.  In addition to all the work that Sue and Terrance create they represent the work of 60 other fine artisans in their gallery.  From Adirondack pack basket makers, to fine jewelers and wood workers.  The gallery displays were designed and made by Terrance and they are rustic in appearance, using slab lumber, cedar bark and birch twigs and bark.

Etchings and paintings by Terrance are hung on the walls as well as fine art work from the Young's personal collection that they have accumulated over the years, all for sale in the gallery.

The gallery is connected to their studios so customers are free to roam at will and watch Sue and Terrance at work while they browse the gallery.

 We know just about all the craftspeople and artists who's work we showcase so we know what goes into the nature of their creations.  We firmly believe in buying hand crafted work because then you know you have something unique, you've put diversity into your life.  In this world that constantly tries to become as sterile and homogenous as the next corporation. 

The gallery light changes by the seasons, the gallery ceiling rises toward the center and four skylights let in wonderful northern light, on sunny days you hardly need to have incandescent lights at all.  

It is so satisfying to have our own gallery and get immediate feedback from the visitors who come in.  

Our Gallery Space is more than just a business.  We have made wonderful friends through our business and we also use the gallery space for events like slide shows and poetry readings.  We have regular group meditations, drumming sessions and party's in the gallery.

Thanks for taking the Gallery Tour

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