Sue Young makes a Teapot

Sue has thrown three teapot forms (right). The center form is altered and placed  upside down for drying.

The spouts and covers are all thrown at the same sitting as the base forms.  When the bases are dried to leather hard they are turned over and trimmed on the potters wheel (left).  On the right a spout is fashioned to fit onto one of the   base  forms.

Sue scores the area where the spout will fit and drills holes for the tea strainer.
Then both the spout and body are slipped and scored for attachment (above).

The spout is wiggled into the body for a firm fit and then a coil of clay is pressed into place where the two meet (left).  The spout is then trimmed to length with a tapered cut (right).

On the left Sue is throwing a knob onto one of the teapot covers.  On the right she is marking and scoring the spot on the body where the handle will be attached.

Sue loves to make tea pots and it shows.  There are many different styles from the Fish teapot where the lid handle is a sculpted jumping fish to tea pots that have legs and seem to be alive and ready to pour the tea for you.

Thanks for taking the tea pot tour.

Sue pulls her handles directly off of the pot, when the shape is correct she attaches it at the base.

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