Steaming Silk Paintings

After Sue paints on silk it has to be steamed for over an hour to make the fabric dyes stay.

Sue creates layers of scarves and paper and then rolls them up in a perforated brown kraft paper

Room is left on one side of the roll so that a converted metal hanger can pierce the bundle and serve as another type of hanger in the home made steamer.

Steamers are expensive and can run up to a thousand dollars, so Sue has developed this very effective technique of steaming her silks, using objects and materials that she has around the house.

Using a large canning pot she combines a piece of stove pipe and seals the connection with foil.
The roll of silks is lowered down the pipe and the hanger unit keeps the silks from entering
the boiling water.
The top of the pipe is sealed as tightly as possible and allowed to steam for over an hour.

Below are examples of Sue's Silks

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