Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It is a art form in which the arrangement
is a living thing in which nature
and humanity are brought together.
It is steeped in the philosophy of developing a closeness with nature.

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Our Ikebana stoneware bowl comes with the kenzan
(frog pin) and all you add are your ikebana arrangements.
This makes a wonderful gift in any season of the year.

Sue creates these Ikibana's by wedging together two types
of stoneware, giving it the clay pattern and then hand
forms the bowl that the top sits on.

Patterns and sizes vary slightly
6" diameter
1" height


The frog pin that comes with our bowl is 1" in diameter
of heavy metal and suitable for holding a wide range of stems

What Are Ikebana Arrangements Made Of?
Any plant material -- branches, leaves, grasses, moss, and fruit can be used, as well as flowers.
Withered leaves, seed pods, and buds are valued as highly as flowers in full bloom.

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