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First Day Back

The newest rendition of our Eating Art blog is

It's been 14+ months since our last entry. There are too many reasons to explain to our readers for the delay. However we will be putting a 2017 blog up right here soon because last year was so busy for us, and then I'll see if I can move other entries from earlier years onto this space.

So look for the 2017 entry coming soon.

Right now however, we're having a very busy month of March. Terry is working on creating this website through the Wix portal. Its really just a matter of playing with the program for a couple of weeks, experimenting with the tools and uploading tons of material for the site. Sue is working on orders and experimenting with new ideas.

Sue has an order for two foot baths for two different churches. This one has just been glazed, we'll see how it comes out in future posts here. Over the years Sue has created beautiful plates and goblets for churches. Orders like these she will wait until this slow business time of year so that she can concentrate on the piece.

Terry made a new series of "Tower of Inspiration". He mad a saggar to fire the towers in, but the saggar got destroyed in the kiln, probably not thick enough. However the four pieces that were in there came out nicely and now they house books.

On the left Terry has matched the paper of the coptic bound book to match the patterns on one side of the tower and color from another side. The paper goes very well with this tower.

There will be an updated Book Arts page on this site in the near future.

Lot's of new work to show.......

A series of coptic bound books using 100% cotton paper, suitable for writing, drawing or water coloring and beautiful Japanese and marbleized papers on the covers.

It's exciting to have a new space for Eating Art and we hope to post lots of news about the work we are doing, and also update what went on in the last year.

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1 Comment

Mar 15, 2018

Hi Terry the site is looking awesome! Thanks for putting so much time into it.❤️

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