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Power Outage & Spring Walk

Early Saturday morning @ 12:30am the power went out, winds were hitting our house at up to 70 miles an hour and we've never had the house shake like that before. Somewhere in the county many miles of lines and transformers were lost and so it took 48 hours to get us, and the whole county back to power. We ate our meals at Windsong, (our vacation rental, which wasn't being rented at the time), there was a working generator, gravity fed water and a gas grill. Electricity? Hardly missed it. But it's sure nice to have it back.

As a reward from the blackout, we got a beautiful sunny and warm Monday morning. I took to the woods and my familiar trails. Here's a widow making just waiting to crash over the trail. I found the only thing keeping it up is a small link to the tree. The trail crew will have a busy time soon.

I wanted to bush-wack along the stream that comes out of the lake I usually walk around.

Just looking for signs of spring, like these emerging fiddleheads.

I love seeing even simple signs of spring, like the green moss and something growing on it.

But here's what I was really hoping for...........

I found plenty of Trillium leaves, but no flowers until I found this beauty right next to the stream in a little sheltered area.

I'll be going back to this area and looking for other wild flowers.

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