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I'm a lucky boy

I'm taking time this spring to experience the season, and thankfully it is taking its sweet time changing to summer. For quite a few years I have felt I've missed spring, or that it passed much too quickly. Flowers were here and gone and summer flowers had risen, the forest was flush and deep green.

Not this year.

I've been making regular morning walks along streams and bush wacking looking for signs of spring. Here is a wonderful group of fiddle heads on the Silver Lake bog nature walk. A couple of days ago I had a wonderful, fiddle head and potato soup. I was thinking that there were so many fiddle heads here.....but I didn't.

I came to the bog in search for either Jack in the Pulpit, or Lady Slipper photos. Didn't find either, but I found where some Lady Slipper might show in a couple of weeks.

In any case I was very lucky to have the place to myself, on a misty day.

A wonderful display of painted Trilliums.

Nodding Trilium

Purple Trilium

This little fellow was very observant of me and seem to follow along the trail at a safe distance.

I wouldn't be surprised if there was snow on this trail a couple of weeks ago. Spring is taking a long time coming this year.

Hanging moss off of a cedar.

I did a slow meditative walk on the boardwalk part of the bog and then continued on a trail into the woods.

I always get inspired by the Adirondack forest.

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