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Neriage week in the clay studio

Neriage clay tumblers by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay, NY

Neriage is a decorative process established in Japan that involves stacking colored clay and then slicing through the cross section to reveal a pattern, which can then be used as an applied decoration. Above on the right is a fully fired piece about three inches high. The tumblers in the background are a order.

Sue creates a loaf of colored clay, one a dark brown and one white.

The loaf is sliced and rolled flat.

Here are some of the tools used.

After forming a tube with the clay, Sue puts the bottom on and secures it together.

Sue has a handle template for this size mug which is for expresso. This is different from the usual process of "pulling" the handle off of the mug.

The handle is prepared and shaped.


and ready for firing.

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